OscPocketD/Base 1+2/MIDI - fx unit, synth, sampler, modulator

Welcome to the OscPocketD (OPD) - the Daisy Pocket Platform!

The goal is to combine the Electosmith Daisy Seed with a 16x2 LCD Keypad to make a simple, inexpensive and portable audio tool running open source software. The OPD can also be controlled with CV and GATE signals and MIDI but this is optional. Last but not least – the OPD has a lot of modulation capabilities, including a simple sequencer.

Demo of the OPD/Base: OscPocketD/Base - DIY fx unit, synth, sampler, groovebox - YouTube

All software is running on the Daisy MCU/microcontroller, including sound generation.

The OPD can handle up to 4 CV inputs and two potentiometers. The CV inputs are limited to 0-3V3, but can be scaled and offset in hardware and software.

The OPD can control up to 4 CV/GATE outputs, also limited to 3V3.

Currently the OPD has several different applications (firmwares):

  1. OscPocketD/Base - A multi-fx tool with a two voice synth
  2. OscPocketD/Synth - A portable beat/song-making tool (no CV/GATE support yet)
  3. OscPocketD/Sampler- A sampler and sampleplayer

OPD is free software/open source. Download, build, learn, modify, improve and share.



man you just don’t quit, I’ve got some parts en route to try this one out, I loved your earlier unit that used the daisy seed.

Do you have somewhere to donate to? I feel guilty not compensating your time for this. Sorry if you mentioned it and I didnt see it, I’m reading this on my phone at work at the moment.

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Thanks a lot, that means a lot to me!

That is very generous of you! No one has ever donated to me before. If PayPal is ok, you can find my full name and email address in the doc’s for the project. Else, we can find another way.

Thank you once again for your interest and support! If you build an OPD, please send a photo (and/or sounds or music that you make with it)! :smiley:

ok cool! thanks for the info, I will get your info from the docs and use paypal, that would be easiest for me as well.
and I will take some pictures for sure once I finish it!

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Looking forward to it! Once again, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

A new version of the OscPocketD is now available at:

New features:

  • the Overdrive and Decimator are moved to after the Oscillator and before Filter etc
  • the Overdrive now has a gain setting
  • new modulator: Audio in
  • audio merge - Audio in can be inserted AFTER all effects but before reverb for easy chaining of several units
  • new modulator: EG/adsr
  • all Special Modulators (including the sequencer) can now be synced to any other modulator (eg Gate in)