Full featured 8 voice 2 oscillator synth for your daisy pod

Hi there;

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the pod, and recently released Pollen(8), a full featured 8 voice poly synth with effects (choruses and delay/verb, these can process external audio as well) that uses the UI provided by the daisy pod alone!

All you will need is a MIDI to trs type a cable and an sd card if you want to save / load patches.

It’s available here : http://hammondeggsmusic.ca/daisy/pollen8.html


I like it.
Pitch bend needs some work.

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Thanks! FYI pitch bend has two modes - one is “direct” like a traditional pitch bend. The other will make the pitch bend “dive” (or rise) at the rate you move the pitch wheel (this is the default mode currently). In addition you can specify the key range that pitch bend applies to, as well as the actual bend range…

This is awesome! Saw this on Matrix Synth and can’t wait to upload it to my pod!

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Sounds incredible!

Can’t wait to take it for a spin. :grinning:

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Impressive synth!

I’ve always been interested in the engineering behind a soft synth. Especially how the processing is done in such a way that the timing is OK. My experience with real time dsp processing is limited to a simple filtering pipeline: 1: Get a sample from an input buffer, 2: process it and 3: put it in the output buffer. The most complex thing I made is a 31 tertz band vocoder for VCV-Rack (Vocode-O-Matic). Which is very similar in build to a straight forward pipeline. As long as the processing does not take up too much time, all is well. With the daisy’s speed, this is a viable approach. How do you go about keeping track of the timing of things in a synth as the pollen 8 (oscillators, lfo’s etc etc) where things get (at least so it seems to me) much more complex?

A Daisy Patch version would be nice, using its screen etc.


It’s inspiring to see a finished project like that which really uses Daisy’s capabilities! Do you have any plans for sharing the source code behind it?


This is superb, sounds great. Got it running no problem on my Pod, having fin creating patches!

Any idea where to download this superb synth? The URL posted is now unreachable.

Maybe unreachable was a temporary situation? Download worked for me 1 minute ago.

The URL is still unreachable from here. Strange! Maybe I am from Hong Kong and now being blocked?

Got this when trying to access the page.
Any chance I can download from somewhere else say github?

Luckily got a friend in Mississauga to download the binary and send to me. Had a good trial and found that very powerful! If Hammondeggsmusic can plot this into Patch it would be fantastic. Or if they would like to share their source but probably not. Instead I am willing to pay for that as to extend the power of my Patch.

Found one thing. The MIDI port require a high amplitude of signal to drive. I used my Arturia Keystep to try and no signal received. I then used my 1010music Toolbox MIDI out to drive and the Pod could play lovely!!! Of course the TRS to MIDI is a trick but I tried both standard converters and both not work with my Keystep. The connection with my Toolbox though was a TRS twised as to match the two TRS MIDI standard.

No matter what it works!

(I will still keep my Keystep because it can play my Roland D-05 thru MIDI :- D)

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Do you have any measurements to support that statement?

My Keystep works correctly into Pod.

Not a statement in that sense. Just unfortunately my Keystep is with the MIDI Out level lower than 2.5V but still can pickup by some device with active MIDI reception.

Anyway I can drive the Pod with my Toolbox and it means working.

I’m sorry, I don’t completely understand.

Are you saying that your Keystep is different from my Keystep? Is your Keystep defective?

Probably. Anyway, MIDI is working properly on Pod with the Pollen loaded.

Thank you for sharing this very fine poly synth! Hours went by transmitting simple sequences while trying out its parameters. I have to read up on the midi side to be able to reliably set up channel and map cc’s. I hope you get the time and lust to add oscillator and lfo types :slight_smile:

I’ve been really enjoying this! One thing I’m trying to figure out is why the output level is so much lower in pollen than in any of the other daisy examples I’ve tried (even after setting all the osc levels to max). Is there a master level control I’m missing?