Existing polysynth patch with MIDI in

First sorry if my post should rather be in the Software development category instead of this one. I noticed interesting common topics on both. And I’m new here :slight_smile:

User of the laaarge SynthBox module from 1010 Music for its easy polypads (vast sound palette with its wavetables, ready-made presets, and all settings for envelopes, modulations, filters and more are inside, so it’s actually a space saver in my rack).

However I’m curious on what’s on the market :

  • first because of the long loading time of any preset, it makes it not so user-friendly despite the original intention
  • and also being searching (as always) a saing in hp space.

To my knowledge there is nothing in that scope, but then I discovered articles about the Daisy Patch, its deep modularity etc…, so I’m seriously thinking about it.

I wondered if there already exist such a patch for the Daisy Patch, or anyone currently working on it, with :

  • signal in : ok CV in but also midi in (for note+gate (+ velocity → any CC ? :blush: )
  • sound palette : basic waveforms + WT (+ FM, wavefolding etc :blush: )
  • and basic signal flow basically already handled : software VCA + VCF envelope (+ basic LFO modulation :blush: )
  • scope ? :blush:

OK all extras (:blush: ) are extras, but the rest would be looooooovely !

For what i read,
I saw Botrytis, accepting midi in, but only mono

Also Pollen, but working on a pod, and no WT among biggest points

I’ll be happy to read you and get to better know the community, the Daisy architecture etc !

Howdy there :smiley:
Firstly, welcome to the Daisy community, we’re glad to have you!

Full disclaimer, I am only partially familiar with the entire Daisy landscape.
So I’ve done some digging into this myself because a poly-synth voice was what I was originally interested in also. Unfortunately, there’s no poly synth for the Daisy Patch. Fortunately for you, you could get some fame by coding up one in C++ (or in Max/MSP. I think Pure Data is off the table for polysynths since you can only use vanilla PD and that doesn’t have the clone object.

With that said, there’s also the option of taking an already made poly vanilla gen~ Max/MSP patch and then port it to the Daisy using oopsy~. Theoretically, this is the easiest route and it’s what I plan on doing when I have more time.

In the meantime, your options are fairly limited:

  • If you have unlimited $$, 4ms Spherical Wavetable Navigator is 100% what you’re looking for in the eurorack world (on the fly 6-voice WT synth voice w/ 6 LFOs for modulation and a 3D space for navigating wavetables.
  • If you happen to have some C++ knowledge, you could code up anything you could imagine (with some caveats on processing and the SD Card)
  • If you have Max/MSP, you could write up a simple poly-voice sine synth and then build up from there.
  • Lastly, if you have none of the above (the scenario I’m in right now), then you can continue to research Max/MSP and fiddle around there while we wait for the grown-ups to code us up some sweet poly bleeps and bloops, lol.

In any case, definitely check out the slack! People are pretty active on there and if you are into software as well, plenty of assistance there!

Again, welcome :slight_smile:

  • TJ
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Hello TJ, and thanks for your reply !

I think my only chance is to wait for a nice program to be made by a “grown-up” coder :slight_smile:. I’m good enough in computing as for flashing a pre-made program, and not much more I’m afraid.

For the 4ms module, it’s funny you point me to this one, because I once was thinking about purchasing it. But then I understood I would have to feed such a module with N CV outs for a desired N polyphony. And I don’t speak about gating… it became too mad for me.

I also found in the meantime a few poly modules (in fact only 1010 Synthbox + Flame 4Vox) with midi in capabilities, and thus able to deal with large polyphony, with potentially 1 socket ruling them all : individual pitches, gates and velocities, … and everything on 1 single output… OK like on a keyboard poly synth in fact :slight_smile: but inside a eurorack.

So that’s what I would love to find as a patch on the Daisy Patch in the future, with all other pros of the module, hopefully !