Daisy Seed 8-Voice VA Synthesizer with USB_MIDI Interface


Ahhhhh good job.
That’s an interesting method to access the parameters.
A static list of CC params would be nice alongside.

Awesome!! Thank you for sharing!
I gonna try to set this up and hear it in action :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!
I will be actively working on implementing more functionality and fixing problems in the near future, so keep checking GitHub for updates.
@Manysounds, that is a great idea. I will add that to the text files and main code soon.

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You Moog Filter looks much cleaner. Did you change its functionality or is that just rewrite of the same code? Seems that it has the same fixed tanh-approximation that I used in my synth, GitHub - Krakenpine/Daisy-Harmoniqs: Additive harmonics synth for Daisy platform . That probably should be fixed in the original library also.

Have you planned a more complex voice allocation, like first taking free voices, then voices in release part and then oldest? Maybe even never stealing lowest or highest note, as they are most noticeable.

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I took the advice of Nick @Infrasonic_Audio who posted a link to an improved moogladder.cpp and .h files. I rebuilt DaisySP with these new files.

It runs much more efficiently and is more stable, allowing me to increase the number of synth voices from 5 to 8.

Also, the filter doesn’t choke out all the bass when resonance is applied, so to my ears, it sounds more “moog-like” than the original filter in DaisySP.

I hope Electro-Smith will update DaisySP with this code in a future release.

In the meantime, I want to concentrate on adding much needed functionality, such as Pitch-Bend, PWM square waves, VCF and Envelope keyboard follow, and SPI ports to allow daisy-chaining multiple Seed boards.

Here is the link: Improved Moog Ladder Filter for DaisySP - Huovilainen New Moog derivation ported from Teensy Audio Library · GitHub

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I’ve rolled out more features and squashed some existing bugs. The project is close to being completed soon. In the meantime I am having a great time just playing this in its current state!!

Refresh your local Git directories often, as the new features and improvements in code are being committed every day now.

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Great to see this project keep evolving. Thanks for sharing!!

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