OscPocketD/VASynth - a virtual analog MIDI polysynth

We present VASynth - the newest member of the OscPocketD family!

Demo: https://youtu.be/NSBzqgZGA1o

VASynth is a virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer. It features:
• dual oscillators with detune and transpose, each with selectable waveforms
• adjustable polyphony, 5 voices is ok, maybe more depending on the other settings
• noise generator
• envelope generators for pitch, filter and amplitude control
• an LFO that can affect pitch, filter or amplitude
• portamento
• delay and reverb
• stereo out with pan
• audio in for mixing an additional sound source
• two pots controlling filter cutoff and resonance
• MIDI in (note on/off, velocity, filter cutoff and resonance)
• a couple of presets to get you started and 16 slots for your own creations (save to Flash)

OPD - the Daisy Pocket Platform - combines the Electosmith Daisy Seed with a 16x2 LCD Keypad to make a simple, inexpensive and portable audio tool running open source software.

Currently the OPD has several different applications (firmwares):
• OscPocketD/Base - A multi-fx tool with a two voice synth, CV/GATE in and out
• OscPocketD/Synth - A portable beat/song-making tool (no CV/GATE support yet)
• OscPocketD/Sampler- A sampler and sampleplayer, CV/GATE in and out
• OscPocketD/VASynth - A MIDI virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer

The OPD family is free software/open source!
Download, build, learn, modify, improve and share!