Conecting and patching two Daisy Seed

I was thinking if would it possible to send votage from one GPIO (out) from one Daisy Seed to the GPIO (in) of other Daisy Seed.

I would like to build a small patchable modular system using only Daisy Seeds sending information from one GPIO on one board to other GPIO on te other board on the fly.

Since they all works with the same voltage I guess I wouldn´t have to worry about fry them.

But is this possible? I am not very familiar with this specific electronic questions and maybe it is not good idea to start a trial and error process if there is any risk.

So I really appreciate any clue about if this make seens for you or it is a silly idea.

Thanks in advance

You can do this, but if you protect the ins and outs you can connect other stuff too.

Check out my project here:

At the end of the demo:

you can see two Seeds working together.

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That’ś awesome @StaffanMelin.

So, when you use CV from one daisy to other Daisy, is it just a cable going from GPIO to GPIO or do you need to do anything else?

The ins are protected! See the manual at
on how to do it! :slight_smile:

They are not strictly necessary if you only use 2 daisy seeds but as I hook them up to all kinds of strange stuff I used this solution.

Great documentation.

I am planning use only Daisy Seeds to keep it simple, so no protection is neccesary, but seeing your schematicts I see you use a resitor and two diodes and that you conect them to 3v3 and to ground.

I am not very familiar with this kind of connections. Is it not enough conecting one GPIO (out) from one Daisy Seed to another GPIO (in) in the other Daisy Seed. Banana cables are single-wire, so, how could I use this?

I apologize for this basic questions and I really appreciate your help.

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No need to apologize! :slight_smile:

They are to protect the Seed from over-voltage. See:

I only use this as I connect external stuff too.

If you are going to connect 2 seeds and only use “internal” connections, there is no need for this. You can use any cable/wire. But you also have to connect ground between the two (so they share it).

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Thank you very much for your help.

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