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Hey folks!

I have a rookie question: All I want to do is take the oscillator example (Sine Wave at 440KHz) and change it to a Saw wave, using the oscillator library. Once the program is compiled, I was planning on uploading it via the website programmer. I’m doing this as a test exercise to upload my own project to the Daisy Seed. I’m a tad confused on where to begin? I’d like to manipulate the program in Visual Studio, but is there a preferred IDE for Windows? Also, I’ve followed along with the “Getting Started” page (installing the toolchain, etc), but alas, I am unsure of what the next step is. Any help would be appreciated!

For context, I have programming experience, but this is my first embedded system other than an Arduino.


If you have the command line tools mentioned in the Wiki installed, then you can write the code in any text-editing program, and simply use Make to build the program. The guide itself for building the examples, will take through most of what you’re hoping to accomplish, and then it will be a simple step to start modifying existing examples or creating your own!

Personally, I have recently been splitting my time between Visual Studio (with the VisualGDB extension), and VS Code with the Cortex Debug extension. The latter is free, and has been my general recommendation for anyone interested in starting to develop for daisy.

That said, if you don’t have a debugger (i.e. ST-Link, or similar), you won’t gain any additional benefits since you’ll still need to use either the web programmer or the make program-dfu command to upload programs to the board.

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command-line seems preferred. How is the progress on using Arduino IDE?

I’ve been using the web programmer, but would like to get the program-dfu instead for faster turnaround. Actually, since I broke the fragile USB connector several times now, the contacts became loose beyond repair, so take care of that. I’m now switching to SWD instead of DFU.
See also My cat broke off USB connector on Daisy Seed

Arduino IDE works for me, on Mac OS 10.14.6.
I’ve also set up the command line tools, also working OK.

The Web programmer, to me, is only appropriate for users who will only be installing pre-built firmware. Both Arduino IDE and command-line tools are much more convenient for code built by the user.

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