WavPlayer Pitch/Play speed issue

I keep trying to make a WavPlayer. But now I am having this issue where it changes the pitch of the files

I made a 440Hz WAV file with Audacity. 16 bit - 1 channel - 44100Hz
Using the WavPlayer.cpp example, with Blocksize of 128 and 4, it gives me the same result, a sound of 480Hz


I also tried some other files:
C4.wav gives me like half the frequency, a little bit less than a D3
Africa by toto is 4:57 long, but on Daisy it is 4:33

I randomly used blocksize of 4, 48, and 128. I wasn’t paying attention to that, but I think it does not matter, It is always the same result

With 24 bit files I only hear white noise (not static noise, noise from the file not reading ok)

I am using 1 bit mode, and STANDARD speed (on SD reading).
I don’t know if uploading the files to the SDRAM would help, and I don’t know how to do that. But maybe it has to do with the reading frequency settings, because the sound velocity is too stable, it does not change at all with all the changes I did to the code

Thanks for your help

Daisy’s default sample rate is 48kHz. I wonder if it could “speed up” the playback.

The Daisy defaults to playing back at 48Khz.
440 * (48/44.1) = 478.9

Easiest to tell Audacity to create 48Khz WAV file.

That makes sense, but what about the C4 that plays slower?

With Africa.wav it is the same as you say => 4:57 * (44.1/48) = 4:33

But I have played other songs that plays slower, not faster

Now I tried to try again with 48kHz, but now Daisy does not want to play anything, it just make a noise with whatever I try to play (44,1k or 48k it does not matter)

It also takes too long to open the COM port. Sometimes this happens, i have no clue why. I wait for a while and try again and magically it works again. I will have to try tomorrow