Stereo wav files plays at half speed

Hello, I keep debugging the WavPlayer.cpp example on my seed board. (Previous post WavPlayer Pitch/Play speed issue)

Now I can successfully play mono files at 48kHz -16 bits.

But stereo files plays at half speed, for example a C4 sounds like a C3. A song that lasts 5 minutes, lasts 10 minutes

Other problem is with 24 bits (48kHz stereo and mono) it sounds a lot of white noise. If I pay attention I can almost hear the note under the heavy white noise. The noise also fades out when the original wav was supposed to fade out (it’s a piano note)

What to do now?

As of now the wavplayer only supports mono 16 bit wav files. If you’re interested in digging in a bit, the WavFileInfo struct has some data in there which can tell you how many channels a wav file uses, which could be used to add that functionality to the wavplayer.

Here’s some more information on the anatomy of wav files.