Version of Supporting Software for Arduino

What versions of the various supporting softwares should I be on to successfully use and upload with Arduino?
So far, I’ve either been able to upload but without sound, or I haven’t been able to successfully upload.

I have looked through the forums and from what I’ve read, I think I should be on Arduino STM32 Core ver 1.9 and DaisyDuino ver 1.4. I’m not sure what version of the STM32CubeProgrammer I should be on, but I have ver 2.9 installed.

Is this correct or should I update the Arduino STM32 Core and DaisyDuino?

You should definitely update!

If you don’t mind, where did you read about the older versions? Those may have been the latest versions at the time, but we’ve since updated a number of things in both libraries.

Btw: there were some changes to the link used for the stm32 support, make sure you are able to update to 2.2.0 (the current version). The correct link right now is

As far as stm32cube prog goes: I’m on 2.5 and it works fine for me. I should definitely update, but I think the way that tool is being used and changes shouldn’t affect us. I would update the other two libraries before worrying about cubeprog at all.

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Thank you. I have updated both DaisyDuino(1.5.1) and the STM32 board support link and version were already correct and up to date (2.2.0) and everything is working as it should.

I read about using older versions on a few different posts- here, here, and here. These posts have all since been resolved (w/ ver1.4 of DaisyDuino correcting the issue).

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Ah yeah we did have some issues back there. As you noted everything is now resolved and updatable to the latest versions.