Examples won't compile

Hi, both my configurations won’t compile any example for the daisy seed under arduino:

  1. Fedora 34, Arduino 1.8.13
    2 Windows 10, Arduino 1.8.15
    In both configurations I can compile/upload any basic sketch but all of the examples throw this error:
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Compiler complains about multiple definitions in the libraries stm32yyxx_hal_sai.c.o from two different locations, one on the daisyduino library folder and the other on the STMicroelectronics/tools from the boards manager.
    What did I do wrong?

Found out there may be a conflict between daisyDuino library and the STM32Duino core v2.0

But I haven’t find out how to downgrade to v1.9.
Any hint?

Finally managed to downgrade and examples compile now.
To downgrade de STM32 core for arduino use this “deprecated” index on the additional boards manager under arduino preferences:
and then from the boards manager remove STM32 v2.0 and install v1.9

We just released v1.4 of DaisyDuino, which resolves the issues with stm32duino v2.0

As soon as it’s available in the Library Manager, you should be able to update both DaisyDuino, and the stm32duino board manager!

@shensley I can confirm, daisyduino v1.4 to work just fine with stmduino v.2.0 under Fedora 34.
Thank you.