Using the Logger class

I program my Seed in a text editor, make and send my code to the Daisy with make program-dfu.

It’s a simple workflow but I like it. But I miss the Serial.print()'s from Arduino. The Logger class seems to be what I need.

But here is my problem. When I plugin my Seed it doesn’t show up as a serial device, so I can’t use the Logger class with a simple terminal.

I clearly doesn’t have a proper understanding of how the Seed is connected to my Linux (Debian Buster) laptop.

My question: What can I do so I can send back info from the Daisy to my laptop to help me with debugging? (Right now I don’t want to use a ST-LINK.)

The Logger class was added to accomplish this goal.

One issue you may be having is that the Seed is actually a ‘different device’ when in bootloader mode. So you would have to try to connect to the serial port once the new firmware is programmed onto it. It’s also worth mentioning, that the Daisy will only show up as a serial device if the firmware is set up to use USB.

Have you tried the Logger example in DaisyExamples?

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Thank you, that was exactly my problem/misunderstanding!

I tried the Logger example in the seed folder, uploaded it, then Daisy shows up as /dev/ttyACM0 and I can read it using screen /dev/ttyACM0 w/o problems.

Great! :smiley: