Using field as an FX unit

Hey there trying to decide if the field is right for me. I see it being used as a synth and drum machine a fair amount, is it feasible to use it as a guitar pedal with the audio in and gen~ or max patch for FX running on it say a pitch shifter or octave up effect ?

Thanks !

Hello @nightswim!

The Field can certainly be used for effects. However, it expects a line-level signal, so guitar signal won’t be sufficient directly.

We are currently developing a new Daisy effects pedal solution that will hopefully be out this spring.

And I also highly suggest checking out Terrarium PCB or kshep’s pedal.

Awesome so I might just be best off waiting until the daisy fx pedal comes out , otherwise I’d have to use a preamp pedal for the guitar signal into the field I think ?

Yes, you would need to amplify the guitar’s instrument signal to a hotter line level for the Daisy Field.

Understood and the new FX pedal daisy would that have a preamp built in? Since timing isn’t crucial that may be the best option for me

Hey @nightswim! Thank you so much for waiting. I wanted to double check about this.

The upcoming FX hardware expects instrument level inputs, so it should be fine with a guitar!!