My Daisy Guitar Pedal Designs on GitHub

Hey everyone! I’m working on a flexible guitar pedal effect platform based on the Daisy Seed. This all started because I wanted something like the Daisy Petal, but in a smaller more pedal board friendly format. I came across the PedalPCB Terrarium in my search for something similar, but was disappointed that it was only mono, so I decided to build my own.

The first design I made was for a really small 1590B sized enclosure. In the spirit of the Terrarium, I kept the design as simple as possible only using through-hole parts, so that it’s pretty easy to assemble. The main advantages of this one over the Terrarium is that it’s more compact, has stereo in/out, and has midi in/out.
FinalProduct CircuitBoard

The second design I made is a bit closer in features to the Terrarium. It’s a 125B sized enclosure with 6 knobs and 2 foot switches, but I was also able to fit in a small OLED screen and a rotary encoder to allow for creating menus and other configuration options. This one is also Stereo In/Out, Midi In/Out, and I also used relay based switching for “true bypass” when the effect is not in use.


Making these hardware designs has been a lot of fun and I’ve been through a couple of iterations already on the designs.

I’ve made all of the designs free and everything can be found on GitHub here: GitHub - bkshepherd/DaisySeedProjects: A collection of hardware and software projects based around the Electro-Smith Daisy Seed

If anyone is interested in building one from my designs, it should be pretty easy, and I’m happy to advise (I’m on the discord a lot). I’m also looking for contributors to the project if anyone is interested in helping with hardware designs or writing software for the devices.


These look so amazing!! The OLED makes it extra fancy :sparkles:

It was awesome to see the evolution of your guitar pedal project. Thank you so much for sharing the process as well as the design!!

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Might finally learn to solder smd components for this one! really really impressive

I was gonna wait for the terrarium pcb to come back in stock but this looks even better


It’s probably possible to do the SMD work at home, but I simply had JLCPCB both manufacture the PCB and assemble it with the SMD parts. I was sorta amazed how “cheap” it was to do this. Get 5 almost fully assembled PCBs (there are some parts you have to still solder yourself that aren’t SMD) for ~$150 shipped to my door. Down side is you have to order 5 not 1.

I also made a through-hole part only version but it’s the smaller size enclosure with 4 knobs and no screen. That one is more more friendly to build at home. Doing a through-hole part version for the one with the screen might be possible, but once I got comfortable having JLCPCB assemble my stuff, I stopped trying to deal with the layout and space constraints of using all through-hole parts.

Happy to help you walk though the process of getting one made by JLCPCB if you are interested. It’s pretty straight forward. Main downside is you end up with 5, not just 1 :wink:

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Oh wow, well that certainly opens the floodgates a good bit!
When I find time I will start looking into it properly :smile: