Using encoders in custom Daisy Seed projects with gen~

I am working on a new synth project using a custom JSON platform configuration for the Daisy Seed in gen~.
The integration of potentiometers etc. (via param_knob…) works perfectly with my own configuration.
Furthermore, I would like to use rotary encoders to control various parameters and the question is how can I integrate them into my gen~ patch?
I have connected the encoder to pin 1 and pin 2 and also defined it this way in my custom oopsy JSON configuration.
For potentiometers it makes sense to me that a voltage value is read in at the ADC via the param_knob object in gen~ and can be used to control a software VCA, for example.
How does it work for encoders? What does param_encoder output in my gen~patch ? How does the decoding logic work?
I would like to control a counter with the encoder, which incements or decements in integer steps depending on the direction of rotation.
Or is this already possible at all, as I could not find any example of the integration of encoders in the Gen~ patch itself?

[EDIT]: Ok, It appears most of the questions have already been answered here:

Also you can look at the seed.pod.json for comparison :slight_smile: