Use Daisy Petal as an interface

Hello everyone,

is it possible to use the petal as an audio interface? My idea is to apply the effect on Petal and then receive the signal in my DAW. If it’s not possible, I guess another idea would be to buy only Daisy and add the interface myself (although my electronics knowledge is very limited), is it possible at all?


Is it possible? Probably yes, I imagine it could be a tad slow?. Would you run into a lot of headache trying to code an audio interface through the Daisy with limited knowledge? Probably. Would I recommend doing so without a solid idea of what to do to make that happen? No.

I believe that the Petal itself is not an audio interface for your DAW. That being said, an option would be to get an actual audio interface as that will get your signal into the DAW way sooner. I bought a simple interface like the Behringer UMC with two inputs and have not had many issues with it. Purchasing a suitable audio interface for your needs would be my recommendation. I’m still waiting for my Petal, but when I do have it, I will connect it into my audio interface as that simplifies the process of getting sound into my DAW or computer. Hope this helps!

Hi @o5akafeeva,

ok, thanks for the info. Indeed Behringer UMC is less than 50 EUR, so I think you are right and it doesn’t really make sense.

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This has been discussed in this topic - Daisy as Audio USB device . There hasn’t been any changes related to USB audio since last year, so it’s still accurate. And no, it wouldn’t be “slow” whatever that is supposed to mean for an audio interface, it’s just that there’s no support for this in libDaisy.

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Thanks for the link, @antisvin! I read through the topic and see it is a requested feature (and not a trivial one to implement), I hope that they make it happen as I would be interested in using my Petal as an audio interface to my PC.

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You can look at my project OscPocketD/FX - an open source multi effect for Daisy Seed detaling how to make a multifx unit with the Seed, no interface, just audio in/out.