Tube bass amp with Daisy Seed and OLED

The project page on Hackaday.
The project features a custom platform for guitar pedal with OLED screen and true bypass on a relay with PCB designed in Fusion360 (on the photo).
I have had to dig deeper and modify libdaisy, then redesign Petal library.
The amp in action on 360 deg jam video.


Tube section consists of a typical (basically hi-fi) Alembic preamp and blended in with fixed ratio Diezel based high-gain preamp (see the schematic attached). Modifications were introduced during 4 years of testing with Warwick Thumb to get fat, dense sound on practice volumes with bare minimum of dials.

6SL7 have steel&timber smell and flat EQ, comparing to Tung-Sol 12AX7 V-shaped sound. It is possible to plug in 12AX7 via adapter. Tube choice is up to personal preferences of a player.


Digital part is based on Daisy Seed C++ DSP module.
OLED screen and true bypass added (I am still a tube sound purist!)
Compressor, Reverb and hidden Flanger mode were coded alongside with level meter.
Comparing to TC electronics I’ve found that the simpler the code the better it sounds. Definitely prefer Seed over TC.
I really do like Compressor and Reverb with pretty much gain on top…

Power Amp

D-class poweramp by ICEpower ICE125ASX2 with two fans has a pleasant break-up sound and really, really cold!
I have tested 50ASX2 and found it also capable to deliver practice level volume (and still pretty cold). Thumbs up!

Generative design. 3D printing. A lot of it.

Yellow “bone chest” is designed in Fusion360, printed from Nylon with lasers (SLS) and painted (poorly). It is connecting two plastic trays (lithography, SLA). Front grill is filament print (FDM).



Amazing! And it’s even covered in melted cheddar to make sound fatter!

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THIS RULES :metal:

Thanks for sharing this project. It sounds rad. I would love to jam out some post-metal with it.

And glad to hear that Daisy Seed served your need. Cool to see it being used in this hybrid (analog + digital) project.

I’m a fan of that bone design in the amp. Gives it a body horror vibe in my eyes.

Feel free to share videos as you continue documenting it. I would love to hear more of this!

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