This Week In Daisy #9 Sharing Music!

Happy Friday everyone! For this week, I wanted to make a formal announcement about a new category called Sharing Music. We created it back in February on both the Discord server and forum, but I realized that I forgot to mention it here :man_bowing:

Sharing Music is a new category where you can link your music whether it’s a single, EP/LP, live performance/improvisation, and etc. And it doesn’t have to be Daisy-related (but bonus point if it is!).

The reason why I noticed that I forgot to announce was because one community member found it this week and decided to kick things off.

So! For This Week In Daisy #9, I wanted to highlight the two jams that were shared to that category!

Hypnotic Analog Sounds :cyclone:

The very first music posted to the category was super DIY! @kalata shared a synth jam where custom built modules were performed.
The core of this session is the DIY analog oscillator.

And this rich oscillator is sequenced by another DIY module, an Arduino powered 2x16 step sequencer.

Finally, to add more groove and texture to this sequenced analog synth melodies, the Daisy was utilized!
Prototype of a Daisy-powered delay & reverb module adds another dimension to this already hypnotic jam.

The controls on this prototype include dry/wet, delay time, delay feedback, and reverb feedback,
We can see this in action more here.

Excited to hear more tunes made with this ever-growing DIY modular rig!

Neural Blues :guitar:
Remember the Neural Seed pedal that was featured last week? Well, @keyth72 decided to share a Neural Seed blues jam!

Home-built Klon clone was modeled for the guitar tone and the bass tone was modeled with an Orange bass amp. These tones enhanced Keith’s smooth blues performance! I honestly wanted to hear more of that lead solo like in the 1:15 mark.

By the way, Keith just earlier shared a video of a DaisyCloudSeed port for the Terrarium guitar pedal. Check out this ethereal demo of it.
And if you have a Terrarium yourself, you can try both the Neural Seed and DaisyCloudSeed today!

Awesome to see two amazing music kick starting the new Sharing Music category!
I look forward to hearing more music from the community.