The kxmx_kaugummi_daisy - A breakout for the CS42448 6 x 8 Audio Codec

Hi all,

I’ve ported a breakout for the CS42448, which I made for the Teensy, to (hopefully one day) work with the Daisy Seed.

The CS42448 is a 6 input 8 output audio codec which, when paired with the Daisy Seed, would make for a total of 8 inputs and 10 outputs.

This particular breakout is probably not all too interesting for many people because A.) it does not include any analog audio conditioning, which means in order to use it for anything other than testing, you’ll need to incorporate your own audio input and output circuits, and B.) there is currently no software support for this codec.

That being said, @shensley expressed interest in potentially developing TDM support, for which this breakout may be useful.

The design is open source, you can find the project and export gerbers here. Be aware, although I’ve built and tested the Teensy version of this board, this port is untested, so caveat emptor.