TDM support for the Daisy Seed

Hi all,

@shensley mentioned in this thread that he might be interested in some day adding TDM support to libDaisy.

Doing this myself is outside of the scope of both my time and capabilities, but I think this community would make great use of it, so I’d like to help things along as best I can.

The Teensy has TDM support in the Audio library, and I’ve successfully used it in conjunction with the CS42448 6 in, 8 out audio codec.

The implementation details for the Teensy can be reviewed here and here, but I’m not sure how much can be gleaned from the implementation. Control of the codec is via I2C (or SPI).

Should development of TDM support proceed, as mentioned in this thread, I’ve ported a breakout board for the CS42448 which I initially designed for the Teensy, to the Daisy Seed. Assuming I routed everything correctly, this board could be used to aid in the development of TDM support.