Tep Tempo with LED

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Any ideas on how to implement Tap Tempo with LED as rate indicator in Arduino? Thank you so much folks

By “ in arduino” you mean using arduino ide / functions on the daisy seed or using an arduino mcu ?

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Yes Sir in arduino IDE. I have the logic in mind but can’t implement it using Daisyduino library

I’haven’t the knowledge myself but If it is for a stm32 mcu I’ll look for inspiration on 4ms GitHub check the source code of qcd, qplfo ( stm version) or dld module.

There are some tap tempo sync implementation on mutable instruments GitHub : grids (but on an Atmel Mcu) and Tides v1 ( stm32 mcu but I think specific hardware is used PLL)

Sorry for bringing only inspiration but this could be a starting point :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the idea.