Request: Integration of Bootloader to Arduino to break the 128k Dead End

due to the large amount of Memory needed by Daisy Seed projects (Even a blink needs >30kBytes), the Arduino implementation of DaisyDuino is practically useless. Frankly speaking it is annoying to spend hours to get started with DaisyDuino and then realize, that you can use only 128k. Dead End.

The Arduino environment brings large benefit for users, because you can reuse code and perhaps even more important, there is excellent help and documentation!

We unfortunately have not gotten the chance to integrate the Daisy Bootloader for DaisyDuino. We are sorry about the inconvenience that this caused you.
We do hope to integrate it in the future.

In the meantime, switching over to developing in C++ with VS Code like you did is recommended for projects with large program.