Replacing Daisy Seed board on Patch module

Hi, the Daisy Seed board on the Patch module may be replaced for any standard Daisy Seed board?
Thank you in advance! Antonio

Why would you do this?

a) in case of failure (I forced too much a cable connected to the USB port losing contact with the computer)
b) to get a second board loaded with different devices (Owlsy) in absence of a computer

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re “a)” - I have managed to repair ST development boards where the micro usb connector was torn off. It looks crude but can be made to work.

re “b)” - Wow - interesting use case - you could have a ‘library’ of Daisy Seeds available! Of course at some point the Computer becomes a more practical approach. But if you take the multiple pre-programmed seed approach you could also replace the Patch socket with a ‘Zero Insertion Force’ which PJ_Noxon found in this thread:

Yes, using Owlsy you can load and store in Daisy memory multiple devices from the Owl library (Rebel Technology) I have stored up to 18 different Owl programs on the DaisySeed in my Patch module and select them with the encoder pot…great! so in a live performance situation you have a bunch of devices installed on your DaisySeed to choose without the need of a computer.