Off the shelf Seed Socket

Hi friends, I have a Seed and I need to just connect power and audio in/out to incorporate this into a much larger prototype (maybe later add some control pots and such) so I want to buy a socket where I can plug the Seed into this. Is there an off the shelf socket that will fit the Seed? I am not sure of the exact dimensions, I expect the 20 pins are on .1" centers but how far apart are the two rows? Is it a standard dimension?

I use two different rows of female pin headers for that. Maybe there is some specific socket for the Daisy but I had these pin headers at hand so I didn’t even try searching. Both rows are 15.24 mm (0.6”) apart.

You’ll find a discussion about the Seed pin layout at

It includes a pointer to Feather info which I think shares the physical form factor and a pointer to a KiCad ‘footprint’.

Seeds are now available with headers not soldered on (at my request! :laughing:) An alternative header type that I’m starting to work with has screw terminals. Here’s an example:

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Yeah, that was my first idea, but as the two rows would not be fixed together it would be too flimsy. I was hoping there might be a socket I could glue in place until I replace that with a PCB holding an additional codec.

I found the answer to my quest, a ZIF socket (Zero Insertion Force), fits perfectly!

It is $5 from Mary Ann on eBay.


Brilliant solution, @PJ_Noxon! I just ordered me a couple.

I never even considered that there would be a compatible ZIF solution, especially at that price. Well done! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Yes, $5 is cheap. But using headers costs about 90% less.