Rename USB MIDI Device?

When I plug my daisy seed synth into my Mac / Logic Pro, the device shows up as “Daisy Seed Built In”. Is there any way to change this? I’m planning my second build, and it’s going to be very confusing to have multiple midi devices with the same name.


It’s hardcoded in libDaisy/src/usbd/usbd_desc.c

I recommend giving this a try :slight_smile:

Please make sure that you’re cleaning both libDaisy and your project when building. So in libDaisy, run make clean && make and then do the same in your project folder.

If you run into an issue, I think we should continue over on that thread.

Thank you! I’ll try that and if I have further issues, I’ll continue in that thread.

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I have followed these steps for USB external, as I am using an external usb port with the Daisy.

Changes in usbd_desc.c :

#define USBD_VID 1155
extern const char* USBD_MANUFACTURER_STRING;
// HS
#define USBD_PID_HS 22336 // replace with our PID when we have one.
extern const char* USBD_PRODUCT_STRING_HS;

And then in my main file:

const char* USBD_MANUFACTURER_STRING = "Manufacturer";
const char* USBD_PRODUCT_STRING_HS = "New name";

After that I cleaned and rebuilt libdaisy. My computer recognizes the USB device with the new name.
However, when using the device with MIDI USB I still get the old name. I tried monitoring MIDI with different software (like Ableton Live and MIDI Monitor) and restarting the computer but it still shows the name “Daisy Seed External”.

Is there anything I’m missing?


Also, I am using the Daisy Bootloader now. Is it possible to also rename that to a custom name?

The Daisy Seed uses FS mode.

Great, thanks! That fixed it <3

Is there any way to change the name of the device when it is in bootloader from “Daisy Bootloader” to something else?

Source code for the bootloader isn’t available, so there’s no simple way to change it, though I suppose it might be done by editing the binary.

CONFIRMED: you can definitely change the string by editing the binary.