Pod Connections

Got my Pod yesterday, managed to get most of the sample code running fine. Really excited to dive deeper.

I can’t find the Pod schematics on the GitHub site - is a schematic available, or at least a description of how the Pod elements (switches, pots, encoder and I/O) are connected to the Seed?



I came to ask the same thing.

oh! I had though we posted the schematic for this already, but I guess only the seed and patch are up right now.

I’ll see if we can get the Pod schematic up tomorrow!


I received the Pod the other day and have just tried to connect today via the Web interface. I am on a Windows machine and even though windows sees the device, the pop up screen does not show it, so I am unable to connect.

For the cable connection I used the USB directly out of the STM board and when I reset it only a single red led adjacent to the USB connector was lit (I assume this is correct).

What can I look at to see the issue?

@vkegel did you try using Zadig to reset your USB driver?

There are instructions here on our wiki or in this forum thread.

Thank you. (I actually switched to a mac and it connected right up.)

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Do we have access to the Pod pinout yet?


The Pod schematic files are now live on the hardware repo!


Brill Thank You! Looking forward to digging in.

Is there a specific pod file (like daisy_pod.h, where I can access the pots/LEDs and switches? As used here:

 //Process controls
 octave = DSY_CLAMP(octave, 0, 4);
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Absolutely, its a part of libdaisy, and can be found here

Please include BOM’s with the schematics, where I can find the values of the components.

@Jens.Peter.Nielsen You can find the values of the components in the schematics as well - https://github.com/electro-smith/Hardware/tree/master/reference/daisy_pod

If you don’t use Eagle you can read them from the PDF, if you use Eagle you could generate a BOM from the .sch file.

Yes, you’re right.

Before, I could not find the value of KNOB_1 … But now, i see it on the Daisy Patch page 2 in eagle :slight_smile:

I must have been half asleep.

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Has anyone connected to a Raspberry PI? I would be very interested in how to do this.

@mrtepayne this sounds almost like a seperate topic, depending on what you are trying to achive. Are you trying to compile on Raspberry and then upload to the Daisy? Find Getting Started here then toolchain for Linux here

You might also wanto to run audio from the Raspberry into Daisy vice versa, you would need probably need at least a small USB audio card for your Raspberry to achieve that.

I suspect that the question was about digital communication protocols. In such case, Pod has unused I2C and SPI ports, either of them could be used. I2C probably makes more sense.

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I can make a new topic. I was hoping to direct connect using the headers and use the sound card on the POD