DFU in FS Mode option not appearing

@Button did the USER LED on the Seed stop blinking once you entered bootloader mode? If not, then the button combo was not performed correctly.

oh, awesome! that fix worked perfectly for me – thanks Andrew!

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@andrewikenberry Thanks so much for your reply.

I see 3 LEDS. A small red one near the MicroUSB port. And two Red/Blue/Green LEDS next to the SW1 and SW2 buttons.

I plug in daisy pod to microUSB.
Both Red/BlueGreen LEDS cycle through those colors once at a time.
I hold RESET button then press BOOT (and vice-versa) then the Red/Blue/Green LEDS stop cycling through their colors.
What’s left is only one illuminated LED : steady RED colored LED (not blinking) next to the microUSB power port.


OK, couple things worth mentioning:

  • For flashing over USB, make sure you plug your micro USB cable into the Daisy Seed itself, and not into the secondary USB port on the Pod.

  • There are two red LEDs on the Daisy Seed, one on each side of the micro USB port. The one that is labeled USER should be flashing periodically when you receive it. The other LED labeled PWR should be illuminated whenever the Daisy Seed is powered.

@andrewikenberry Again, thank you!

To confirm :

  • Daisy Seed USB port is the one located on the “elevated” platform, situated between the two tiny LEDs you mentioned (PWR and USER). Yes?

  • As you might imagine, I did not detect the USER LED (partially because it’s not bright enough in this room, partially because my eyes are going bad, partially because it never illuminated, and partially because I’m not bright enough)

  • I’m not seeing the USER LED light up at all. It’s not blinking. It’s not shining. Nowhere in the course of powering up the Daisy then pressing the boot+reset buttons does the USER LED light shine.

Very grateful to you for ideas on what to try next!
I’ll restart my browser. Maybe that’ll help…

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@Button it sounds like you’re doing everything hardware related correctly.

I can replicate your steps and have the device show up on a similar MacBook, but running Catalina.

If you perform those steps with the Connect dialog open do you see any devices get added to the list? Or removed when disconnecting the Daisy?

I suppose there’s a chance it’s showing up as something different, but I’ve only seen it show up as what’s in the documentation on multiple OSes so far.

I had the same issue and was very confused for a couple hours. I eventually tried connecting to my other laptop (both PCs). This time when I plugged in Daisy, my laptop said it was installing drivers. At this point Daisy “woke up” out of dfu mode and worked on my main computer as well. This is not very scientific but hope it helps.

After trying to detect the Daisy in DFU mode on 2 different PCs and 2 different Macs, I finally got my Macbook to recognize it. I uploaded a program and rebooted…now the single red light on the seed is all that is lit up. When I plug in USB power, the 2 lower lights light extremely briefly and then nothing.
What is happening now?Shouldn’t the blue/green LEDs light up as well?
This thing is becoming more trouble than its worth.

The function of those LEDs will depend on the program that you have flashed to the Daisy.

For example if you flashed the SimpleButton example program, those LEDs will illuminate only when the buttons are pressed.

Yeah, that seems to be what it was. I was expecting all LEDs to flash as before, but the top LED is all that needs to flash for the simple oscillator sketch. Still kind of frustrating that I can only get this to work on one computer though. A firmware fix for better compatibility in the works maybe?

@waredgo on your PCs did you try Zadig for resetting your USB driver?
There are instructions here or further up in this thread.

The one that is labeled USER should be flashing periodically when you receive it. The other LED labeled PWR should be illuminated whenever the Daisy Seed is powered.

This is not true for the daisy pod. The default pod program has the two tricolor pod LEDs turning on, but never the USER LED.

For me, this made some of the daisy setup instructions very confusing. (“wait for USER to stop flashing? it never started and never has???”)

That was obviously describing LED marked “USER” on Daisy Seed - in the corner adjacent to USB port and BOOT button.

@sharps thanks for bringing this to our attention!

You are correct, the Seed user LED on the Pod doesn’t blink upon arrival - this was an oversight on our part.

We have just added this functionality to the Pod ship firmware, so in the future, all Pods will have the user LED on the Seed blinking upon arrival.

Hopefully this will make the Getting Started wiki page easier to navigate for Pod users.

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For anyone having this issue on Windows, I believe a recent OS update has rendered our instructions partially incorrect.

As far as I can tell this started when Windows updated, but I am unable to get the Daisy to show up in any WebUSB application while it is using the libusb driver.

Fortunately, swapping to WinUSB seems to work totally fine for both the Web Programmer and the dfu-util cli.

Hope that helps some people!

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I had the same issue. Turns out the Micro USB cable was power only.

Make sure to check your cables!

EDIT: Never mind, bad cable. I switched to a different cable and it’s working fine now.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Windows 10, Chrome version 86.

I have tried running Zadig, but the device doesn’t show up in the list. In fact, the device doesn’t show up in the Device Manager at all. I’m pretty sure that the USB cable I’m using can carry data, as it came with my Raspberry Pi. Is there a compatible driver for Windows that I can download?

Thanks very much for your help!

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Hello, I have a question. When flashing in Zadig I select “DFU in FS Mode”. Under Drive there is (NONE) with → WinUSB (v6.1 …). Is this DRIVER field supposed to be empty? I cannot edit it or anything. Unsure how to proceed.

That is correct.
All that matters is that you’re selecting WinUSB as the destination driver on the right hand side.
Make sure the you press the “replace driver” button.

And just to be clear, Zadig is not for flashing firmware, just for resetting your driver.
And it is only applicable if you are on Windows.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response.