PedalPCB Terrarium works like a charm

I have been building “normal” pedals for a year without any electronic knowledge, thanks to PedalPCB stuff they made available.

For about a month they have offered a Daisy Seed PCB that fits a 125B enclosure with 6 knobs, 4 switches and 2 footswitches and today I got everything working and I wanted to share the information.

Terrarium :

And someone took 2 Petal exemples (AFAIK) and adapt the code for it. It’s multiple Delay and Verb:

I know Electro-Smith is cool with that since they promoted Terrarium on their Facebook page.

I have so many ideas for Terrarium but lack of C++/DSP knowledge… Oh well.

Hope the information could be helpful for others!


Using C++ is not mandatory, you could also make patches in PureData (which is a visual programming environment), FAUST (a functional dataflow language thas is quite different from C++), etc.

I’ve read somewhere that Pd code would be slower but maybe it’s only bad mouthing…

The Terrarium creator and few people from PedalPCB community use C++ so I will probably just learn by exemple or modify their code.

No bad mouthing - it’s a fact that Heavy compiler generates could that performs worse than written in C(++) from scratch. It won’t be a problem for most patches you’ll see, especially on Daisy with its quite powerful MCU. The reason why PD would be used is mostly that you can write and run a patch on desktop much faster than going back between IDE, compiling and checking it on device. And many people would just prefer to use a more visual environment for patch design.


I just ordered two of these Terrarium boards.

It looks promising, but I wish it had support for stereo - at least on output.

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I just placed my order for one. I plan to do a partial build. My own Petunia in an Onion patch. Hahaha :joy: Seriously though, as a rapid prototyping tool. Don’t have the funding for a Pedal so this is will have to suffice.

I’m in contact with them and there is a plan for a bigger model (even more knobs) and stereo output but it’s not ready yet. I presume they were checking if Terrariums sold well first.

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Don’t have funding for Petal.

Same here. For me, all the boards (pod, petal, patch, field) are too much. Seed is priced right, comparable to Teensy 4 + some audio.


Here is the Terrarium Forum if it helps.

It’s really just the start not much action or programs available yet but it should grow.

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If you’re still talking with them- I didn’t buy the terrarium because it isn’t stereo. If it was, it would have been on the order I placed yesterday!

First post, BTW. Excited to try this thing!


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