Pd2dsy - Unknown Daisy board "seed"

I’m just getting started with a Daisy Seed board. I usually work with Pure Data so I wanted to try that first - I think I set up everything correctly with the Daisy ecosystem and pd2dsy, but when I try to load a simple patch onto the board using this code:

python pd2dsy.py -b seed test.pd   

I get the error:

1) Error c2daisy: Unknown Daisy board "seed"

On the wiki page for pd2dsy it says " should be replaced with the board you’re using (pod, patch, patch_init, field, petal)." I notice that “seed” is not listed there, though I have found other posts on the forum that imply people did use this same command. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong, any tips would be great!

oh and I’m not sure if there’s any difference, but I’ve also tried using the “–board seed” flag instead, with the same result.

For this version of pd2dsy, we didn’t add a built-in seed board because it didn’t seem all that useful. Since the seed doesn’t have a fixed interface, the only thing a -b seed option would allow is pure audio processing (although I can definitely see how it’s useful for just trying things out).

It’s pretty easy to define your own setup with JSON, though! For a minimal blink example, you can use this setup:

  • blink.json:
  "name": "blink",
  "som": "seed",
  "components": {
    "led": {
      "component": "UserLed"
  • blink.pd:

Then, depending on where your pd2dsy is located, you can run:

python3 pd2dsy.py -c blink.json blink.pd

The -c option (or --custom-json) allows you to specify your own board configuration. All the Daisy boards are described this way, and you can find them here if you’d like examples. You may need to use the --libdaisy-depth option if you get an error like:

Makefile:22: .path/to/libdaisy/core/Makefile: No such file or directory

With that said, let me know if you think adding a vanilla seed board would be helpful!