Pd2dsy blink example not blinking for me

I went through the setting up the C++ environment successfully, and was able to download examples, both using dfu and STLink-v3Mini (once I got the latest OpenOCD installed).

So the next step was to try pd2dsy, so I followed the steps from the video, but the LEDs never blinked. I did this both on a Daisy Pod and a Daisy Seed that I have on a breadboard. I did run the Daisy Pod pd2dsy example successfully.

I also tried the Daisy Web Programmer, which I hadn’t used before and ran the blink example successfully.

I guess the next step might be to fire up Pd and try to tweak the the example from the video, to see if I can get something working.

If there is something I’m missing, let me know.

If you give some more info I or someone else who has pd2dsy working might be able to help.
Specifically: what video you mean by “the video”.
Do you get any messages from pd2dsy - either errors or “completion-successful” indications?
Do you get a .bin file? If so you could try the Daisy Web Programmer, if it works that narrows down the problem and you could use it as a workaround.

re: “I guess the next step might be to fire up Pd and try to tweak the the example from the video, to see if I can get something working.”

perhaps, although the problem at least seems to be with pd2dsy. I guess it could be a problem with the blink example or your download.

Never give up!

I should have been more specific. I was watching the video that Takumi did a few days ago on pd2dsy, and more specifically I was using pd2dsyGui, not the command line tool. The video had a link to a simple Pd patch that was supposed to blink one of the leds. He showed it working in the video, but when I tried it from what he had linked in the video description, it didn’t work for me.

I’ll take a close look at the Pd patch and also the information on the pd2dsy Github page for documentation. The Daisy Pod example did work for me (this I think is the example he did several months ago on his Sound Simulator Youtube channel).

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Hey groglein,

Are you using Windows by any chance? And were there any error messages? Finally, I wanted to double check with you that you included the custom JSON file before you flashed.

I’m glad to hear that the Pod example is working for you though! Honestly, don’t worry too much about the blink example not working and keep going forward if you were able to flash that onto Daisy Pod :slight_smile:

I was using a MacBook, and I used the custom JSON file. But I’ll just push forward and try writing my own simple Pd patch and figure out how to utilize the peripherals within the patch. This is my next step.

Interesting, I wonder if it’s a difference in macOS. I was using Ventura 13.2.1 in the video by the way.
I’ll keep my ears out for this.

Let me know if you have any questions about custom JSON file! We’re currently working on the ADC + custom JSON tutorial video! And in the meantime, there are several threads about it on the forum as well.