Patch.init toggle and button

hi together,

how can one access the button B7 and the toggle B8 of the patch.init within oopsy?
in the max gen example for patch_sm is nothing mentioned about this.

thanks in advance,

Hello Sebastian!

The prerelease of the new version of Oopsy has template patch and json files for patch.init().

Or you can download this attached zip file :slight_smile: (5.7 KB)
It should work with the current version of Oopsy.

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thank you!

I suppose from the dropdown still “patch_sm” is to be selected?

as this is a prerelease, when will me the release, do you know?

You can treat that patch.init() json file as a custom json file, so click on Browse next to the board selection Umenu and then select that file. You should be good from there!

And I unfortunately don’t know when the team will come back to working on that new version of Oopsy; other projects have taken priority. That prerelease version is pretty much complete though, so I recommend following the steps in that forum post if you want to use it. That’s what I have installed on my computer since it was released.

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