Polyphonic midi synthesizer, first implementation on DaisySeed


I’ve started some implementation on the DaisySeed: Polyphonic synthesizer, first steps with DaisySeed (DIY MIDI module based on STM32, no arduino yet) - YouTube
It is a combination of the existing modules combined with a little engine to handle the polyphonic voice assignment. Unfortunately I cannot port it into an arduino project because it seems since the last update the audio in/out is broken.
Audio does not work with latest arduino board/lib/code

When I can get the audio back to work I would like to make a little project open on GitHub.


Cool, I just did something similar:

Thank you, I’ve seen it yesterday. Do you use arduino? I do not have any audio when using arduino

No, just C++ and a makefile.

Looking forward to trying out your project!

Just c++ and a makefile is also a lot quicker regarding the compiling time. I’ve started to merge one of my ESP32 projects into a DaisySeed arduino project. Compiling takes forever. :expressionless:

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Yeah, I used Arduino for a ESP32 (M5Stack Core2) project, and compilation doesn’t seem very efficient (Open source | Oscillator).