OscPocketD/Sampler - an open source sampler for Daisy Seed

Today I release the third member of the PocketD-family:


Demo: https://youtu.be/hMVthTNTNQM

Powered by Daisy Seed

Stereo 48k sampler with CV/Gate input
playback melodies or loop
many modulation options (LFO/CV)
sample, edit loop points, loop or single trigger
Lowpass/Bandpass/Highpass filter
FX: Decimator
FX: Overdrive
FX: Delay
FX: Chorus
FX: Reverb

Build the simple and low-cost hardware and enjoy three machines:

  • OscPocketD/Synth - groovemachine with built-in drum machine
  • OscPocketD/FX - fx device with modulation and built in CV-controlled dual osc synth
  • OscPocketD/Sample - stereo sampler with modulation and fx

Free software: use, share, learn, modify

Download: Open source | Oscillator