OscPocketD/Base - VA synth with multi FX and CV/Gate in/out

Finished the OscPocketD/Base - it is a two voice monophonic VA synthesizer and multi FX unit, with 2 CV in, 2 Gate in, 2 CV out and 2 Gate out (as well as LFOs) for modulation. All code is running on a Daisy Seed. Effects are Filter, Gate, Bitcrusher, Overdrive, Delay, Chorus and Reverb. It will also serve as a hardware bed for sonic exploration.

In the photo the oscillators are controlled by CV0 in connected to CV1 out which outputs the 2nd potentiometer value! :slight_smile:

This is a development and aggregation of stuff I learnt while making the

I’ve started to work on a sister unit with MIDI in. After that one is finished I will publish code and build instructions in case anyone is interested.


Any audio examples we could listen to / demo video we can have a look at ?

@Sef, thank you for your interest! I will make a video when I’ve finished the MIDI-version and put together the build instructions (+ code, GPL’ed). The FX part is the same as for the OscPocketD/FX: https://youtu.be/fKHz_6E0YFA.

THe CV operates at 3v3, but this still makes it useful for modulation and control, as well as 3+ octaves of CV pitch control (and kept the electronics simple and within my knowledge horizon! :slight_smile: ). All ins are protected against overvoltage, though.

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Midi is now working on the sister build. :slightly_smiling_face:

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