Oled and Sd Card Reader

Hello, i have a few basic questions. Is it possible to run a Spi Oled display and a sd card reader together on the Patch_sm? Is there a wiring diagram like the patch where the connections are listed exactly?
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Yes, I believe you should be able to connect the two components to the Patch SM.
Here’s a Patch SM schematic that’ll come in handy.

An OLED like this should work great with the Patch SM as well.
Then you should be able to connect the Patch SM pins (on the left) and OLED pins (on the right) together like this:

Patch SM pins → OLED pins
SPI_CS (D1) → CS
SPI_SCK (D10) → D0
SPI_MOSI (D9) → D1
Any digital GPIO → Res

So for Res pin, I think you should be able to use pins like A2 since that can also be used as a digital GPIO (notice the color purple in the schematic). If pin D2 (color purple) wasn’t used for SD card, I would’ve suggested using that for the Res pin. Speaking of which…

Here are pins need for the SD card reader:
D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, and D7 as shown in schematic.pdf in this downloaded folder.

Good luck!!

Thank you! i#ll have a look :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. but I’m going to run the patch SM without a display now.

Thanks anyway

It sounds like this is related to this other topic that you posted: DaisyGranular REV5

Let’s continue over there :slight_smile: