DaisyGranular REV5

hello I tried to load the bin file, but the display remains black and nothing works.
Could it be because of the REV5?


Hey AlgoLab!

You mentioned in other topic that you’re using a Patch SM, so this program that you linked most likely won’t work nicely as it is intended to be used for the Daisy Patch (which is powered by the Daisy Seed and not Patch SM).

Since you wanted to check if you hooked up your hardware correctly as well, I highly recommend going through the example codes in DaisyExamples especially the HardwareTest.

Hello Takumi,

I have the seed and the patch sm.
With the seed I have rebuilt the patch. Is it then perhaps because of the audio codecs? I have of course only one audio input and output. Otherwise all examples from the web tool work.

Ah perfect.
So you connected the SD card and OLED to the Seed to recreate the Patch. Were you able to confirm that they’re working using any of the program from the DaisyExamples? For example, if you flash any of the Patch examples, you should see something displayed in the OLED.

And yes, the code is from a while back. I don’t know if, once built, all the renamed functions should still work or not. I figure it should work?
It could be worth looking at the original .cpp code for the DaisyGranular and rename all the old function names and see if it builds better. I recently had to do this with a code that was shared around the end of 2020. If I remember correctly, I think the terminal displays what the function should be renamed to.

Yes the examples work fine. I‘m using Nibus a lot.
The sd card is still not working. Maybe I have the wrong module.

I‘ll have a look at the old code. Maybe you could give me a hint were I have to start. I’m not as good in C+ :smile:

I’m glad to hear that the examples are working for the OLED.

I suggest getting the SD card working first before reloading the bin file as well as diving into the DaisyGranular code.

In terms of learning C++, I recommend starting out with the DaisyDuino. The resources/tutorials for Arduino IDE (which uses C++) will come in handy when you start using .cpp with Daisy. General learning-materials for .cpp, like C++ textbooks, can go way too deep and cover topics that are unnecessary for using the Daisy. After you get comfortable programming in Arduino IDE, you can perhaps start looking into the code for the DaisyGranular.

That being said, it may be quite an undertaking if you’re just getting start with text-based programming. Instead, it could be better for you to keep using that new granular synth (Grnltr - A Granulator on the Daisy Pod ) which I saw you trying out (so SD Card is working for you??). And it could be more fun to customize that code to your liking.

To clarify and summarize the main issue of this topic…
The problem is that the firmware files for DaisyGranular were compiled prior to libDaisy adding support for the rev5 daisy seed. Since there are sources, you can try to rebuild it on a newer version of libDaisy.

Sorry I’m a neeb :smile: Thanks for helping in such detail here! I basically already have some experience in programming Arduino IDE. What I lack is the time to dive deeper into the matter.

With a hint where to start I actually meant in which part of the program could I adapt the grnlt.file to the daisy patch? I hope I do not express myself wrong here :smile: in Grnltr.cpp file is pod.h include. It is not enough to change here to daisy_patch.h. Thanks

it’s a bit more difficult than programming a midi controller in IDE :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

I think the developer of Grnltr made a port for bluemchen, which is just a scaled down version of the patch.

Hey, that’s me.
Yes, currently there is support for the pod and bluemchen.

I tried to make it modular, so you could adapt it to run on the daisy patch fairly easily. I don’t have one, which is why I haven’t done it myself, not because it’s not possible.

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as changing pod.h to daisy_patch.h :frowning:

I’d suggest taking a look at what pod.cpp and bluemchen.cpp do - they both contain functions with the same name that implement the functionality for that platform. You’d need to do something similar for the patch. The Makefile would need to be tweaked slightly as well, but again you can see how it’s done for the pod/bluemchen and follow those examples.


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Hey, thanks a lot! i will see if i could adapt it to patch. Otherwise i “build” a pod around the Daisy seed :smiley:

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