Not of the Audio World

I’m a visual artist - I build my own digital cameras - (sounds like a confession)

The Daisy seed is the 4th or 5th stm32h750 dev board that i’ve ordered - issues with previous dev boards have been 1) the lack of onboard sdram needed for large latency writing to SDcards 2) they dropped many of the Timer pins

so main reason of my post :wink: -since i’m not doing audio i want to remove the wm8731 & (r28-r31) & (c35c33c55c54c64c65) & rewire a few lines (i2c2 ?)
has anyone else jumped through these hoops ?
a component map would be really useful - is it available ?

Also if there ever was another rev - pins PA1-4,8-12 & Pc0,PC2_C,PC3_C & Vbat , on board sdmmc resistors & socket would be ‘nice’ to have

otherwise nice board - hits my price point for an experimentation


Welcome to the forum!

Is there a specific reason you need to remove the components in question?
They shouldn’t cause any problems just because you’re not using them.

would like to reroute i2c2 to pins → using the audio in & out pins
& reduce power / loading on SAI2 lines

I don’t think so - I asked about getting pcb layout files a while ago:

  • the answer was no, and I haven’t seen any PCB diagrams offered since. It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to at least provide pdfs of the top and bottom silk screens, which would help.

POS (or “partial open source”) while i wait for my STLINK-V3MINIE (backorder) i came across the ART-Pi which (though is also on backorder and is significantly larger ) may work for my nefarious purposes :wink:

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