Pcb layout files for Daisy hardware

Are the pcb layout files for the Daisy hardware (Seed, Pod, Field etc) available? I found the Eagle Schematics at github.com/electro-smith/Hardware/tree/master/reference but no board files or gerbers.


The EAGLE brd / gerber files are not available for these.

Thanks for the reply. Is that not available as in Electro-Smith hasn’t had time to put them there,or as in you don’t believe that’s part of ‘open’ software-hardware? Or to put it more simply, is that not available yet, or not available ever?

If the latter, would you consider making PCB ‘Diagrams’ available - the kind that are-were sometimes found in ‘service manuals’ from companies such as Moog, Yamaha, Tektronix, etc? Basically enough to locate a component that you see in the schematic, or physically on the PCB.

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We do not currently have plans to make the gerbers and/or brd files available.

That is a good idea bout the PCB diagram, and we will take that into consideration for the future!

Physical hardware blueprints would be handy even without the electronics.

For example, someone had a question about a case for the Pod, and I thought about what would make it easy to 3d print one – a file that shows exactly where the mounting holes and jacks are, and the physical dimensions, would be appreciated.

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