No Sound from External CODEC

Hello people!

I’m trying to add 2 channels of I/O on my Daisy Seed and just received my PCB using the PCM 3060 and after soldering + flashing the test code from libdaisy, I was not able to get any sound. I wasn’t sure if it’s a hardware or a software problem. Is there a way to tell if the Codec is functioning properly in VS Code?

Attached is my circuit based on the datasheet of DS.

I’m using this code to test if the codec is bypassing, only the builtin Codec works, but not the external PCM3060

/** Example of multichannel audio with two SAIs configured for 
 *  i2s codecs
 *  This example is based on the seed2 DFM hardware.
 *  Both codecs are PCM3060
#include "daisy_seed.h"

/** This prevents us from having to type "daisy::" in front of a lot of things. */
using namespace daisy;

/** Global Hardware access */
DaisySeed hw;

void AudioCallback(AudioHandle::InputBuffer  in,
                   AudioHandle::OutputBuffer out,
                   size_t                    size)
    for(size_t i = 0; i < size; i++)
        out[0][i] = in[0][i];
        out[1][i] = in[1][i];
        out[2][i] = in[2][i];
        out[3][i] = in[3][i];

int main(void)
    /** Initialize our hardware */

    /** Configure the SAI2 peripheral for our secondary codec. */
    SaiHandle         external_sai_handle;
    SaiHandle::Config external_sai_cfg;
    external_sai_cfg.periph          = SaiHandle::Config::Peripheral::SAI_2;              = SaiHandle::Config::SampleRate::SAI_48KHZ;
    external_sai_cfg.bit_depth       = SaiHandle::Config::BitDepth::SAI_24BIT;
    external_sai_cfg.a_sync          = SaiHandle::Config::Sync::SLAVE;
    external_sai_cfg.b_sync          = SaiHandle::Config::Sync::MASTER;
    external_sai_cfg.a_dir           = SaiHandle::Config::Direction::TRANSMIT;
    external_sai_cfg.b_dir           = SaiHandle::Config::Direction::RECEIVE;
    external_sai_cfg.pin_config.fs   = seed::D27;
    external_sai_cfg.pin_config.mclk = seed::D24;
    external_sai_cfg.pin_config.sck  = seed::D28;   = seed::D25;   = seed::D26;

    /** Initialize the SAI new handle */

    /** Reconfigure Audio for two codecs 
     *  Default eurorack circuit has an extra 6dB headroom 
     *  so the 0.5 here makes it so that a -1 to 1 audio signal
     *  will correspond to a -5V to 5V (10Vpp) audio signal.
     *  Audio will clip at -2 to 2, and result 20Vpp output.
    AudioHandle::Config audio_cfg;
    audio_cfg.blocksize  = 48;
    audio_cfg.samplerate = SaiHandle::Config::SampleRate::SAI_48KHZ;
    audio_cfg.postgain   = 0.5f;

    /** Initialize for two SAIs, including the built-in SAI that is 
     *  configured during hw.Init()
    hw.audio_handle.Init(audio_cfg, hw.AudioSaiHandle(), external_sai_handle);

    /** Finally start the audio */

    /** Infinite Loop */
    while(1) {}

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanksssss

Hello tian!

Testing with the Daisy Patch firmware would be a good test as that board has external codec connected to the Seed. If that doesn’t work, then there might be a hardware issue.

Hey thank you for your reply! I figured it’s a hardware issue and revise my circuit. However I’m still getting no sound from the CODEC. I suspect it might the the “CODEC_2_VCOM” which is left float in the reference circuit in Daisy manual. Should I leave it unconnected as shown in the manual? Thank you in advance!

Here’s an explanation about the CODEC_2_VCOM :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply! To my understanding, if I don’t need the mute/LPF, could I just leave the pin floating as shown in the reference circuit?

Hi! I’m still not getting any sound with the codec. I’m testing with line-in and line-out. Is an (pre) amplifier required for the I/O? Please advise. Thank you

Just to see if anything works on the external codec, I would try passing internal inputs to external outputs, AND external inputs to internal outputs.