No Clock Example for Patch?

Neither the Patch nor Patch Init() have dedicated clock inputs. From what I’ve seen on the forums this is possible but not very easy to implement using one of the gate inputs. An example of how to input a clock signal and/or perhaps a helper class would really open up a ton of possibilities for Eurorack applications.

Hey Pachicito!

Thank you for your feedback. Clocks example would be helpful to have for sure.
In the meantime, yes, using the gate inputs is the move here.

These may help you get you started:

And if you are also familiar with Pure Data, [timer] is a great object to use for doing clocks.

My solution to this problem would be to generate a pulse of 32nd and connect it to a CD4040 integrate i.e.: clock divider that takes a input clock signal and outpus the clock frequency halved on each other ouput.

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