New here! Looking to make a reverb + delay

Hi all,
I saw some posts covered this a bit, although I havent found the examples yet (will keep digging)
Since this forum isn’t super active I thought I’d just say hi and I’m excited about making stuff with Daisy Seed :slight_smile: I have some Arduino / ESP32 / C background and am very good with electrical engineering, PCB design, and 3D printed case designs.

I am a vocalist so mostly looking for the basic (reverb, delay, compression. and maybe chorus). Would love to make a loop pedal too. :slight_smile:

Anyone have some suggestions for multi-effects pedals with Seed? Happy to add-on to an existing project with cool cases or PCB design if there’s some good code all ready :slight_smile:

here’s one from @kshep - My Daisy Guitar Pedal Designs on GitHub