Neural Seed Blues Jam

Just saw this new category, here is a blues style demo I made using NeuralSeed, a guitar pedal powered by Daisy Seed for emulating amps/pedals with neural networks.

The guitar part is a model of my home built Klon clone (a famous/infamous overdrive pedal) and the bass part uses an Orange bass amp model. Enjoy!


Solid tone and playing, Keith! I wanted to hear more of that lead solo like in 1:15!
And nice to hear a bass guitar through the Neural Seed too!

Thank you for sharing on this new category! So awesome to hear music made with Daisy projects.
Looking forward to hearing more jams from you :guitar:

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Very intriguing, sounds so good! Is the neural seed some special device, or is it just the normal daisy Seed with AI code on it? So you teach the neural network model on the computer and then compile it? Nice stuff!

It’s covered here:


Great project indeed. Funny how in the old days they used analog electronics to simulate real instruments and then we used digital to simulate analog electronics. And now we start use neural networks kind of the next thing