Muxing with CD74HC4067 and me

Hello! First time user, first time poster. This hardware is amazing! i think - i’m a noob. lol. I’m wondering if anyone can verify/confirm my approach as i’m waiting for my seeds to arrive.

I’d like to build a standalone Reverb. LOL.

Originally I was going to build something in PD (based off the clds) on a raspberry pi with a custom midi controller (Class compliant usb midi) running off an arduino to send the midi data over to control the various parameters… this seemed almost redundant once I found the Daisy!

NOW, i’d like to incorporate all the sliders and pots (up to 32) as well as the clds patch (converted) all on the daisy. my multiplexer of choice (as it’s what i had originally started using) is the CD74HC4067 module. as it uses one analog pin and 3 digital pins.

i’ve seen the example work with muxing 8 pots etc. i’m wondering, can i do more?

I apologize for the misspellings.

If I understand correctly libDaisy supports only 4051 natively, which uses 3 address pins

Your IC needs 4.

I recently found this topic
There is an example of chaining 3 cd4051 ICs.

But if you need more, I guess in that case you will need to write your driver since there is no native support in libDaisy.

Thank you! It is easier to simply go with what’s already available. lol.

yeah - i looked at that topic - still not seeing it. that could just be because i’m unfamiliar with the overall package. i suppose i’ll start with 8 and go from there.

For documentation purposes, I got the 4067 working with the field’s initialization code, you just have to ground the 4th control pin, so you will only have 8 channels. Should be a simple fix to add code to read the remaining channels.


Have you got shareable example code for getting a 4067 working? Or did it work with what’s available already?