Modulo - tap tempo, multi-modulation effect pedal

Wanted to share a project I’ve been working on, the Modulo.

Five or six years ago I had an idea for a tap tempo tremolo pedal with a bunch of momentary footswitches to subdivide the initial tempo into 1/4 , 1/8 , 1/8 triplet, 1/16, and 1/2 notes. I think the idea was to have a pedal with no knobs, just switches, and when one of the footswitches was pressed the effect was engaged and when released the effect would just be bypassed.

Years later I became aware of the Daisy Seed, it seemed like a good way to handle the digital side of the tap tempo circuit and also expand on the effect; having other modulation instead of just tremolo.

I drafted an early version of the effect on this prototyping platform I built and added controls for tremolo waveform, tremolo depth, vibrato, flanger, and an early version of a sample and hold filter. I added a toggle Latch control to switch the effect from being always in “momentary” mode, to latching onto whichever the last subdivision footswitch that was pressed.

I tried fitting it into a 1032L, but pretty quickly realized that the footswitches being so close together made it not as viable as a foot pedal. As an aside; cramped footswitches on guitar pedals drive me insane. I also wanted the effect to have some stereo capability so added a stereo bypass switch, further cramping the interface. Also getting a little sketchy having a stompswitch so close to the knobs…

Needing a bigger enclosure I started ooking at the Hammond 1444-18, really more of an amp chassis, but for proof of concept I took the CAD file from the Hammond site, designed all new PCBs in KiCad, and made this mockup. With the new design I added a handful of other features; MIDI Clock in (overrides user tapped tempo), relay based stereo bypass switching, a delay effect, a Spread knob (which spreads the modulation across the stereo field), Bypass/Master Tempo/Active Tempo LEDs.

I was stoked. Looked good, sounded good. And then my hard drive failed and I lost EVERYTHING. My last backup was from a year and a half before. Not a good feeling. I pretty much completely lost motivation for the project (and the other projects I was working on at the time) and took a bunch of time off.

Eventually I got over it and wanted to see this through. The last PCBs I had ordered were still cached on the manufacturer’s site, so was able to download the gerber files and re-trace the boards, rebuilding the KiCad project at the same time. Not a lot of fun and I don’t recommend doing it.

The program for this had all been written in gen~ and there was truly no backup for that, so I re-wrote the whole thing from scratch.

I also started to realize that the enclosure I had chosen wasn’t going to hold up to being stomped on, it’s only 18 gauge folded aluminum, so I decided on a folded steel enclosure.

Set this one up the same as the Hammond enclosure, prepped it for 3d printing as a proof of concept, and added preliminary graphics.

And it turned out pretty nice! The boards I had cloned from the old project worked, miraculously.

Currently waiting for some samples of the folded sheet metal enclosure and sourcing powder coat / printers. Hoping to make a batch of these available by the beginning of next year.

Thanks for reading! Here are some renders for what (I hope!) the final product looks like.


Thank you for sharing your journey with the project!! It was inspiring to read about how you kept moving forward in spite of losing the files.

I’m excited to see the future iteration and also hear it in action!! Please keep us all updated :slight_smile:


Super clean! Would love to see / hear a demo of it!

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Finally got the first batch of these built and planning on doing another run of them in the spring!


Sounds (and looks) great!

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This is a very musical pedal!
The delay demo was especially amazing. With the modulations added on top of that, it really showed what this pedal is capable of.

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Thanks for sharing, this is super cool.

What company did you use for folded sheet metal enclosure. Do they cnc holes etc? Which powder coat / printers did you consider/get?