Daisy Effect Pedal Prototyping Board

Built this little bench-top PCB to prototype some effects on the Daisy. Very similar to the Terrarium in a lot of ways, input/output buffers for guitar, tip negative 9v power input etc. Only real mistake I made on the board was forgetting that a TL074 is DIP14 not DIP16 :man_facepalming: so had to do a little half-deadbug retrofitting. Added some headers on the left side to be able to access the DACs from the Daisy, they connect to onboard LEDs with a pair of jumpers.

I’ve been using Oopsy to program the daisy, so designed a template in Max that lets me prototype projects before flashing too.

Excited to get into building some more hardware around the Seed!


This is absolutely beautiful!

Man o man that is gorgeous
Needs MIDI in, IMHO :slight_smile:

This looks great!! :star_struck:

The multi-color knob interface is beautiful to look at and it’s also useful too!! I feel like it’ll make the process of figuring out what’s mapped to which knob way quicker. This project made me realize that color-coded UI should be done more in music tech.

Thank you for sharing!!


Yeah, probably should have just broken out all of the IO possible (MIDI included) while I was at it… maybe for a V2.

Thanks Takumi, yeah I realized when I was programming stuff for the Pod how quickly I would lose track of which control I was assigning to which parameter, and that was only two knobs and two buttons!

I’m attaching the gerbers, BOM, json file, and max template if anyone feels compelled to build their own! I corrected the TL074 error on the PCB too, so no one has to deal with that.

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Perchance, would you like to share the schematic and PCB layout file in whatever application you used?

This is awesome! Nice work! I’ve got some midi in/out circuit schematics that work with the Daisy if you’d like.

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Verrrry nice!

Compact, versatile, and those knobs :heart_eyes:

I’m interested in having a go at this, but for some reason I can’t seem to download the Gerber files and BOM. I just get the empty folder structure downloading as a zip.
Is there a problem with the sharing?
Thanks btw for sharing an excellent looking project.

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I just downloaded from the link above, which I’ll paste here:

The downloaded file looks good to me - a bunch of gerbers in the gerber folder and a 529.4 KiB file size.
I’m using MX-Linux and Firefox. Perhaps you can try a different browser or system.

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Correction: a gerber zip file in the APgerbers, folder which contains a bunch of gerbers.

Thanks tunagenes, lemkipper if you’re still not able to download the files let me know and I can send them to you some other way!