Looking for a working wav player for Patch

I’m new to Patch but not a programmer, anyone on this forum may share a working wav player for a recent generation Patch?

Hello! You can make it yourself in max/msp. Just setup oopsy and look SD card example. It is easy. :slight_smile:
But the sum of all playing files must be < 64mb.

Thank you Temaniak but as I said I’m not a programmer, I don’t use Max or Oopsy until now, and looking
for a file ready to use.


Ok. Here is player…but with same limits fo 64mb


Thank you Temaniak, I’ll learn to use Oopsy to transfer Max objects



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Hiya @Antonio

Just wanted to let you know we’re working on fixing up the existing C++ WavPlayer class, and making a more basic example for it.
This should be up in the next week or so :slight_smile:

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:grinning:Thank you! I’ll be waiting for news

Hi, any news about the wav player?


will this update change how we can address the SD card via gen in max?

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Just wanted to chime back in here with a minor update:

Still making some progress on an improved WavPlayer class, with performance improvements, and some additional features.
I’m guessing we’ll have something in libDaisy within in the next two weeks, and some examples a week or so after that.
I’m very excited to share it once its finished!

@DieterLaser this update will not have any effect on oopsy (gen~, Max/MSP).

Hey @shensley - any updates on this?
I keep digging for a more useable .wav library/example. Doesn’t seem to really exist. @erwincoumans implementation seemed to cover most but sounds as if it isn’t usable any more due to SD library changes…
It would be really really helpful and appreciated if there was a library with read-to-memory (any .wav format), play, loop, jump, simple stretch, etc… The hardware is meant for audio and sampling is such a big part of the audio hardware cosmos.