This topic is for making introductions! You can introduce yourself, share your background, and discuss what brought you to the Daisy platform.

I’ll go first! My name is Michael and I joined Electrosmith early on. I’m a part of the Daisy team and I am excited to see the educational potential of the platform!


Hi all! :wave: My name is Flavius and I’m a software engineer by day and aspiring music producer by mornings, nights, and most weekends. I moved to Boulder, CO to study audio engineering & music production with the goal of making people dance uncontrollably as my life’s magnum opus.

I’m obsessed with the Daisy platform because it’s the perfect intersection of my interests, gives me an opportunity to learn C++ (only even written code in interpreted languages), and to eventually make my own secret sauce instruments/effects to achieve my dream.


I work in game development by day, and am a musician/builder by night. Been building weird DSP/micro-enhanced guitar pedals for over a decade, and have also built a couple euro modules. Started to try my hand on synths recently, too!

I got reeealllly interested in Daisy because although I can code, I’ve never been able to correctly understand codecs or DMA. I’m self-taught and don’t have a particularly mathematical/logical/data-driven brain. So my projects that involve sampling have been limited to mid-fi 12bit-ish audio. Which has its charms, but is still a limit for some of the stuff I want to accomplish. As a bonus, the huge amount of ram is great, and I’m looking forward to trying out the libraries as well.

My first Daisy project will undoubtedly be granular/sampler-ish.


O.Z. Hall here. I’m OZHALL on YouTube. Check out this project with a Daisy behind a 5U format (Dotcom/MU) panel. Let me know what you think.


Hi there. I go by “hammondeggsmusic” on YouTube and at ,currently writing effects and oscillators with the KORG logue-sdk. Looking forward to making some noise with Daisy!


Roland and Enrica here, a couple of makers from Düsseldorf, Germany. Our backgrounds are in music production and EE, and we both studied a classical instrument at Uni a long time ago (Cello and Double Bass). We build Eurorack kits and own project and use what we build to make music.

Electro acoustic stuff:

Some DSP with Faust on a Teensy

A drum pattern generator we wrote that keeps migration platforms :smiley:

So we mostly make tools we miss in, or are inspired by our music making endeavours.

@tape those pedals look lovely! great job! can’t wait to see and hear what you make!

@ozhall wow a 5U module! are you planning on making a PCB for that? very cool!

@hammondeggsmusic huh so you got the KORG logue working … we had two dev boards from superbooth and somehow managed to brick them within a week or so (despite following the instructions). so we kind of gave up on that platform :smiley:


Roland and Erica - welcome! I am working on PCBs for this project. I’m planning several variations on this them so I’d to build several units like this. I might make the finished units available. I don’t have current plans to make them available, but I guess I should consider making the pcbs/panels available…


Hi I am Duncan! I make instruments like the ones here:
After backing the kickstarter and evaluating the board for a week, I just ordered 3 more Daisy seeds :slight_smile:


I absolutely LOVE those reverbs you’ve made for the Korg logue synths. So finding your name here quickly made me even more interested in Daisy. Any of those ambient reverbs for this do you think ? :wink:

I’m like ‘tape’ above here here for the possibility of a sampler/ granular & effects. That ‘Field’ kit looks interesting with this in mind. An added screen would be even better. Still with the 1010audio Blackbox sampler on the marked in the same price range… I need to see what you programmers wizards come up with first.
:slight_smile: I have a good feeling about this.

NB. Was about to get me a NTS-1, but I now understand they are flimsy… Thanks for the heads up MakingSoundMachines :+1:


@JMN I was talking about this board -

The Korg NTS-1 looks fine!

The NTS-1 is very nice. But it’s not fully open source, so I sold it after a few days.

Hey :wink:

Jakob from Denmark here. Self taught coder, still learning.

Just got a Daisy yesterday and already having fun with it.

It’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Currently just began to work on a Daisy based Eurorack module with a couple of friends.


I’ve been impressed by some of the fx patches people have come up with for the Korg NTS-1. (Thought I read that it is a bit noisy for recording). I guess if one makes a custom enclosure for it it will be fine.

I know nothing about coding, but if there are possibilities for effects patches like the ones from hammondeggsmusic here and Sinevibes I will be all over this Daisy unit. Fingers crossed. Sampling and/or loading waw files and playback is also very interesting. The two combined with a nice sounding granular synth like e.g. Stream by ILIO (VST) would absolutely kill.

My name is Anders and I live in southern Sweden.
I guess you could say I’m an electronics hobbyist. I always have a half dozen projects ongoing.

My major project at the moment is my home made modular synth in which the Daisy Seed I now own will be a major component :slight_smile:

I’m not a great programmer but I have made quite a bit of use of the Arduino platform in my projects and have already been making some progress in applying it to the Daisy.


@MakingSoundMachines I managed to get one of the KORG logue boards too, but I never really got it to work(not sure if it ever did, there was what looked like some rework on the board…?). I had purchased the minilogue xd with the intent on using it even stock anyway, and then ran with the sdk using that.

Having a lot of fun with Daisy, there’s a lot of cpu power here and the unfettered access really opens things up!


Hello there !
My name is Xavier. I’m french and lives by Bordeaux.
I’m 51 and my job is school teacher (for 6/7 year old kids).
I’m also an electronics engineer but never really worked as one.
I make music at times with synths and computer, play the piano, the guitar and am starting trumpet.
I love nature, analog synths, music, electronics, computer languages but I am not a very good programmer.
I’ve written the infamous “Dekrispator” for the famous STM32F4 Discovery board, 8 years ago.
During holidays I sometimes spend a few hours on that kind of projects.
That’s it !


Hi, my name is Stefan. I’m from Cologne in Germany and i love music and coding. I build and code synth stuff, guitar pedals and audio plugins. I am currently thinking about buying a Daisy for a new project.



If you already build and are thinking about the Seed then just do it !! Too cheap not to give it a try.


Hello Everyone!
My name is Tony and I live in Lorain, Ohio (20 miles west of Cleveland) which is situated on the south shore of the Great Lake, Erie. I’m a retired industrial Process Control Engineer where I specialized in process automation and programming. I have degrees in Electronics and Systems Engineering. To occupy my time I dabble in home automation and have been building audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, and effects on and off for the last 40 years.


Greetings. People call me Len and I live-work in Ojai, California.

I’m working on a project to Auralize, analogous to visualize but with sound-hearing, genetic information - mainly nucleic acids such as DNA, RNA, etc.