How much CPU can the Daisy Run?

I have the Owl and Wizard by Rebel Tech and have had problems with processing power.
I’d make a gen~ patch and then it says 200% CPU on the hardware. I’d simply the patch but to the point of it not being anything interesting any more.

My question is how much can the Daisy process and is there a way to test this in Max so when I’m programming I don’t go over the allotted processing limit of the hardware.

Thank you for any help on this

It depends on the reason why is your patch running slow.

You can expect a patch that simply requires lots of maths to run 3.5-4x faster on Daisy. OTOH, if patch was accessing SDRAM too much, it would be just a little faster, since that can kill performance just as much due to access latency, but on Daisy’s MCU you have cache that can help to some extend.

There’s also a special case for patches that had to access SDRAM a lot on F4 MCU, but fit on SRAM on H7. This gives a huge performance increase, I wouldn’t be surprised to see such patch run x6-x8 times faster.

If you’re really curious about performance of a particular patch on Daisy, I can run it as a test, because OWL runs on Daisy Patch too. And there’s Daisy-only gen~ integration to which you can port your patch, but you’ll have to ask someone else to test it.

Thanks, all great info!
I guess I’m also wondering if/how much faster the Daisy is to the Owl/Wizard.
If the Daisy is equal in operation to the Owl, then there isn’t much point in purchasing one and I just have to deal with the hardware limitations.
Would you need the .cpp and .h files to test it on the Daisy?

Daisy has much faster MCU, there’s no doubt about this. A similar part would be used for next generation OWL hardware, but for now OWL is at a disadvantage. It does include some optimization that can improve its performance in some cases (precomputed maths tables, integrated ARM libraries), but that won’t be enough to reach H7 level performance if you run the same code.

Yes, I can build it from source myself or use sysex, either should be fine. Or you can upload it to Rebeltech pach library (no need to make patch public, it can be accessed by direct URL too)

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated. I’m busy the rest of the day to post it now but will look into it.