Granular Synthesis and Manipulating Audio Samples

Hi, I just received my Pod kit this weekend and tried out some of the demo programs. I’m mostly familiar with programming with Arduino, but want to try to branch out into c++ coding and manipulating sound with VS. I poked around some of the DSP code in github, and noticed some adaptations of Mutable Instruments’ code.

Are there are any DSP geared toward granular synthesis and if there could be a demo that would be like a mini Clouds module? I think it would be something interesting to play with and demo on how to freeze a snippet of sound in memory buffer and manipulating the sound.

I’m interested in learning how to take a snippet and do things like pitch shift, reverse playback, slow down and speed up playback. Are there any examples on how to get started with doing these types of things with Daisy?

Welcome to the forum!

@erwincoumans made a fantastic granular instrument for the Daisy Patch that you can checkout here.

We do have some granular DaisySP classes in the works but they have not been merged to the master branch yet.

Hi, thanks! That project looks interesting, would it be possible to port it to the pod?

Looking forward to the future updates.