A granular synthesizer for the Daisy Patch, inspired by Instruo Arbhar
Select any stereo or mono wav file (up to 64MB storage), loaded from SD card.
CTRL0 = position in the WAV
CTRL1 = range after position that grains are spawn
CTRL2 = grain density
CTRL3 = pitch control

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkQwaU4rbwI
Download https://github.com/erwincoumans/DaisyCloudSeed/releases/tag/daisygranular


You are a mastermind :smiley:. Excited to try this one!!! Thanks for your effort in this community!


@erwincoumans oooooh exciting! will try asap, also love the CloudSeed verb!

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Sure, give some feedback how it works for you.
It is also possible to merge the granular synth, sample player and cloudseed reverb in a single binary, but only select one at boot time. For the granular synth, it is nice to expose a few more settings, without having to go deep menu diving.


Any plans to set up the encoder to adjust the grain fade in/out time?
It’s still beyond my programming understanding, unfortunately.

Will do, grain duraction (and random range) is already in the PC testbed: image
The code also has an option for grain envelope shape, similar to Arbar, but I didn’t enable that in the UI.

Note that the a=… points to active grains playing.

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Hey hey, Frank again :slight_smile:

I tried to use the granular today. But I have a problem, it doesn’t recognize my sd card. Is there a storage limitation for use with daisy?

I have a 64GB SanDisk Ultra. Tried to format it in exFat and NTFS and both didn’t work. Do I need FAT32, or a smaller SD Card? or where could be the problem?

Ah and yes on the SD Card there is only one wav File, 23MB big, Stereo.

at the end a few pictures of the problem.

kind regards Frank!


Uploading: 16030152169181308388787851478650.jpg…

nevermind got it working haha
needed to be formated in fat32. now everything is working with the 64GB card :slight_smile:

daisy granular through mitable clouds is absolut crazyness hahahaha :smiley:

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Refactored the code into and app framework, and exposed grain size control. Will upload a binary soon.
Code: https://github.com/erwincoumans/DaisyCloudSeed/tree/master/patch



I have samples loaded to my SD card which show up on my Daisy, but play super quiet. I had to plug the Daisy output into a 4ms Listen IO (line to modular booster) in order to hear anything! Do you know of a way to boost line level signals to modular level on a computer, or do I have to amplify the signal with another module as I am doing? Thanks for any help!

Gain structure is a bit of a morass in the modular world.
Best practice is (unfortunately) to normalize your samples to 0db.
If playing from the Daisy Patch the levels will be 5v level audio. As in, a fully normalized wav file will max output 5 volts. BUT, like I said, don’t go putting that full level into an Erica Synths Dual FX because it will distort. And then some other manufacturers allow up to 10 volts. +/- even…

I am uncertain of the exact specs of the Patch off-hand but that’s a close enough reference at the moment.
There is no way to boost these levels in a DAW or wav file editor. Go full normalize and then attenuate if it’s too loud.
“Line level” is only 1.23 volts for 0dBvu which equates to -18dBfs (digital) soooooooo…
If you’re not using the Patch you will need to convert the levels as you did with the 4ms Listen IO

Did you try rotating the encoders clockwise? One of them is for volume control.

First, try the sample player in DaisyBouquet:

Hey, thanks for responding! I do have DaisyBouquet installed, and I tried both the sample player and the granular synth – both were very quiet.

Thanks for this! I am pretty new to modular and hadn’t heard of normalization. I am indeed using a Patch so will try that and get back with results.